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Custom knife makers canada

custom knife makers canada In order to make knives that have decent edge retention, the martensitic and ferritic grades of stainless steel need to have a high enough carbon levels to be able to reach high hardness. proud to be canadian Dragon’s Breath Forge is a partnership of Jamie Lundell and Matthew Parkinson–two experienced bladesmiths with a passion for the craft. Wright, has been making knives since around 2003, LTWK was created in 2013. Everything in our world is so fast, convenient, and commoditized. I use the best cutlery grade steels, paired with handle material, ranging from basic and tough, to rare and beautiful. Knives in stock, with sale prices are in “New for Sale”. ca - Custom made knives for sale My passion is to create knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. Custom Bushcraft knife, custom bushcraft knives, custom handmade knives, custom handmade knife,Custom hunting knives custom bushcraft knives, best bushcraft knife Custom folding pocket knives are genuine handmade knives made with different handle types for instance such as camel bone, stag handle pocket folding knives USA and wood handle. To see the exquisite work of these and many other big name custom knife designers, visit KnifeArt and see how brilliant innovation continues to revolutionize the field with cutting-edge ideas. I have a variety of blade styles that I use and the length of the blade and materials used on the handle are made to individual taste. Personalized Knives - Custom Men's Gifts If you're searching for a gift that’s both sentimental and masculine, you've come to the right place. We have handle scales such as Kirinite, Micarta, G10 and Horn. More L. These tools are the pinnacle of the knifemaker's art, handmade and hand-finished, often hand-forged, with care and attention to detail that's hard to find in our mass-appeal, cookie-cutter world. But our most knives smith based Outside UK and we do not produce knives in UK. As soon as knives are available they are soon sold out. 99 30% off use code PKW30 Making knives is a labor of love, and hammering out new ideas or designs and trying them out in the kitchen has been a fulfilling experience that I continue to enjoy. The Hinderer XM-18 Slippy (Slipjoint) is a departure from the typical Hinderer framelock folder. S. Our Canadian shipping prices are $7 for orders between $40 and $100, and for orders over $100 we pay the shipping ( some restrictions apply ). Custom made Knives. Cell: (403)653-7227. 3in Clip Point Skinner Blade and Sawcut Handle for Outdoor, Hunting and Camping 4. Check out the options and Tomahawk tools available when making knives at Blacksmiths Depot. e-mail: mel@knifemaker. Made with tempered steel and a wide variety of handles, brass guards, file work and accents, Desch Knives are a work of art. i have seen the list on Mr. First knife in 1998. . Phone: (403)653-2112. Some of the more popular methods include stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination, and investment casting. Hand forged knives, axes, and hatchets from Thorson Forge are made for manly men, womanly women, and others who know the value a sharp, dependable blade has when the shit goes down! Timeless symbols made real. ca Douglas Knives 2020 Managed by Shayna Douglas. Custom made one of a kind knife made out of 80CNV2 blade steel hardened to 56-58rc. Everyday I wake, I walk into my shop and start my day overlooking the calmness of the lake and begin my hobby, making custom knives. ca - Custom made knives for sale Please use common sense as to how you use your knife. We specialize in tactical, automatic, and OTF knives. View Knives. A trade passed down that can not be easily taught. Elk Ridge Survival Knife Series: It primarily includes framelock and linerlock knives. This is an array of Bowie knives I've really enjoyed making. Our products are built by us right here in the U. Making stainless damascus offers many difficulties over producing carbon steel damascus. Fixed blade knives. With his unique approach to knife making he creates decorated knives that evoke the feral surroundings of his native land and the Viking Age of his forefathers. 26 Just like fixed blade knives, the value of a folding knife is directly linked to the maker's name, his longevity, record, associations and affiliations in the business and career field of knife making. Perfectly tempered, professionally polished and masterfully sharpened. We at Hewitt Custom Millwork are an online PUMA dealer located in Ontario Canada and are proud to offer these quality knives to Canadians at great prices. This limited edition 50th Anniversary knife is similar to his Southern Bowies that Gil made in the early years. I attended a knife making course presented by Ed. My dad was forever addicted to custom knives after his first purchase. If Shop Benchmade Knife Company for a wide selection of high-performance Everyday Carry (EDC), Hunt, Rescue, Tactical, Outdoor, and Survival knives. Learn about Auctions, Ready-Made Sales and Ordering Custom Knives. We take great pride in making top quality knives at competitive prices, right here in BC. Custom Made Knives. KeySmart All Canes & Bats Emerson Knives Ka-Bar Knives Spyderco Knives Cold Steel Knives CAS Iberia/Hanwei SOG Knives William Henry Studio Benchmade Knives SureFire Flashlights Olight Flashlights TOPS Knives ESEE Knives All Assisted Canada. Helle relies on the experience and knowledge of skilled craftsmen to master the up to 45 manual steps that go into the making of Helle knives, and stand behind each of the knives they make with a lifetime guarantee. Harold learned his machining trade in Germany. Main menu. 650. African Custom Knives is the best place to find your next custom knife. Most Canadian hunters use hunting knives for gutting, skinning, boning and butchering, and we are happy to provide you with information on different types of hunting knives and their uses below. Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar and other areas, custom knives made in Russia, Lithuania, Italy and the USA. Real swords are special, they are more than just a big knife. 00" Knife Making Supplies | AB12 $ 39. These rare pieces of artwork are usually one-of-a-kind creations from some of the best makers in the world. Whatever kind of knife you decide to carry every day, SHULLHANDFORGEDKNIVES has one that is right for you. Hunting Knife Styles - Full Tang. Jul 15, 2020 · You’ll see some of the knives I like to make under “Gallery”. From my forge in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina into your hands, my custom handmade knives will meet the demands of backwoods camping, all-purpose carry, the working kitchen, as well as make an elegant presence in a display case. Montana Hammer Knives, Havre, Montana. Bear Paw Knives are quality user knives made by Phil Moen, of Havre, Montana. These products are aimed for use by outdoors-men and others who need real performance in the field. Wright Handcrafted Knives was created with the idea in mind to provide trustworthy and high quality handcrafted knives made in the United States. Mel Pardue started making knives more than a half-century ago and has been a member of the Knifemakers' Guilt since 1976. -Scott Laughlin, Vancouver Island Custom All blades are tested for edge geometry and edge holding. or. You can find most of our products in our catalogue sections, but not everything is posted online. The new rules prohibit assisted opening knives, automatics and any manual knife that can open by centrifugal force from entering Canada. Made one at time. Nordic Knives has been a leading seller of Custom and Randall Knives since 1977. Carbon steel damascus is much more commonly produced. , Canada. Collectible Custom & Handmade Fixed Blade Knives. Fixed blade knives are known for their functionality and durability. Custom knives are great stocking stuffers or group gifts for your friends. I have been fascinated with knives and knife making since a very young age but began taking the craft seriously in 2010. He was a finalist on Forged in Fire season 5 episode 26. The Official Bob Kramer Knives Website. Crusader Forge Custom Knives are designed for extreme & hard use. The renowned U. If you have forgotten, or are new to Premium Knife Supply, it works like this: the more you buy, the more you save…. My name is Stephen Osborne and I am the Master Bladesmith at the North River Forge. If there is something that you have purchased from us before and can't find it here, please contact us if you have any questions about it. Welcome to Tosho Knife Arts, connecting Toronto with Japanese blades since 2010. L. dollar value and we ship worldwide. for worldwide shipping we use dhl. - Ed Storch Testimonials. " The truth is, the only one who can design and make a sheath that truly matches the intent, style, flavor and mastery of the knife maker is the knife maker. Master Bladesmith, ABS. Reliks offers real functional swords, hand forged by professional respected sword smiths from around the world. Blade HQ is proud to sell custom knives from some of the finest makers in the world. We have been creating custom knives since 1982. On these pages, you can choose from the finest full custom knives we have the privilege to offer. The Hunter Series offered a VG10 blade, brass bolsters and cocobolo handles. Custom-knives , bowies, handmade, hand-forged period knives produced byThe North River Forge, About the Bladesmith handcrafted-knives,our methods How We Make The Finest Custom Handcrafted-Knives, custom-tomahawks and trade-axes for Historical Re-Enactor, Mountain Man, Hunters All Lovers Of The Great Outdoors. Kramer Custom Knives is your source for hard use, handmade knives of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Once you have held a real sword, one that has been created with the proper weight balance and dynamics, you will never forget it. Custom (5) Fillet (6) Fur Skinning (9) Handles (7) custom knife, custom knives, Custom made knives, Hand forged knives, hand forged knives, handmade knife, handmade knives, wilderness knives The Mountain Caribou knife is made for the boreal forest. Knife Styles & Steels. Custom knives by Rick Poirier. Custom F-S Style Knives On this page are knives/daggers custom handmade by individual makers in a Fairbairn-Sykes style. Contact Us Toll Free: 1. Nov 15, 2018 Opinion on hardness Harder than a woodpecker's lips! But what makes a custom knife really special is that it is made with you in mind. 262. We specialize in offering razor-sharp katana, with real clay-tempered blades, to swords enthusiasts, would they be practicing a sport activity such as tameshigiri or simply desiring to avoid katanas produced massively with modern processes. The knife that mark made for me is superb. In 1977 a good friend of my dad's L. His creation had an elliptical blade and a Made in the USA by Jantz Supply. the list in the book is very comprehensive but i thought a click and point feature to makers with web sites would be a nice touch here on blade forums. Komox custom Kydex, Custom Made, Made In Canada. Later worked on custom orders and started folding knives of his own design in 2003. 49 $ 13 . Forged carbon steel. 00; Damascus Skinner Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife 2036 $ 55. American Made Knives ~ Since 1938. Cariboo Blades Tools & Knives Unique Hand Forged Custom Working Knives & Quality Woodworking Hand Tools. Thank you for your interest in North River Custom-Knives. 0. He has been making custom knives for over twenty years and has become prolific in more than one aspect of this exciting profession. Oct 5, 2016 #10 12345678910 All aspects of the knife making are done by me, using both forging and stock removal methods, including on site heat treating and both laminate and canister damascus making. Northstar Forge proudly uses only the finest high-carbon steel. We do have some custom fixed blades and folders. The knives have blades with extra sharp edges for effective usage. 8 out of 5 stars 1,173 $13. 888. All my knives are top quality and will last for generations if they are kept clean and dry. Jul 06, 1999 · hello my hallowed friends, i already have the book "Knives'99", and it was the list in that book that gave me the idea for an I-NET version here on blade forums. Handmade fixed blade everyday carry knives for indoor or outdoor use. From the introduction of the checkered Kraton® handles, and the “Americanized” Tanto blade, to the inclusion of innovative new blade steels like San Mai III® and game-changing locking mechanisms. T. Customize your own Buck knife online with our Custom Knife Shop. Blade Blanks Canadian Made knives Casstrom Chefs knives Condor Knives Cosmo Knives Canada Cudeman Knives Spain Custom Sheaths Enzo Knives ESEE Knives EXOTIC and Other Brands Fällkniven Grohmann Knives Canada Helle Knives Hultafors Knives & Axes Karesuando knives Sweden Lionsteel Knives Mora Knives of Sweden MS Knives Otter Mercator Germany Knife Making: As a full time knifemaker I am commited to delivering the best possible handmade custom knives that I am able to create. If you want something truly unique, hand made in the USA, and of a quality unparalleled to anything mass produced, my knives are for you. Toll Free: 1-877-MEL-CUTS. Want to learn bladesmithing? I offer hands-on classes, workshops and intensive private lessons in beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. He started making knives as a hobby in 1978, mostly hunting and daggers, bowies. Did I mention flux? We have that too! We are Nepal's largest and finest custom made kukri knife maker with the motto of providing "Your Own Custom Kukri. knife maker Bob Lum (1943-2007) offered a few of his hunter designs and the fixed blades were made by Ichiro Hattori. Cut from a single piece of recovered lumber mill high carbon saw blade steel. Hand forged chef knife Kitchen, Genuine Damascus chef knife premium. Aaron is intent on making the highest quality and best performing outdoor working knives that are available anywhere, with a focus on hunting, camping, bushcraft, kitchen and culinary knives. Welcome to Ken Hall Knives. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. For some, they are also collectibles due to the variety of blade shapes and handle designs, and Damascus knives are widely desired due to the level of skill required for their production. Meticulous fit and finish. The blade edge measures 6-1/2". Custom Hunting knives made in a variety of shapes and sizes from the drop point, spear point, straight back, Scandinavian, to name a few. For sporting knives, I offer only semi-custom knives. Shop below for rare custom knife models, hand forged knives, and a wide selection of custom knife makers. We lined up best land knives with highly regarded from the hundreds of options, so you can find the right outfit for you. May 6, 2020 Postal Disruption Canada Post COVID-19 Dec 17, 2018 Question about grinding bevels before heat treat Maybe just a little. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; prices are listed in U. This is what I look for in a knife and what I will make for you. Forged in tradition with a Lifetime Guarantee, Toor Knives focuses on purpose built blades made in the USA. 49 ($11. The box is quite possibly worth the price we paid for the knife and is absolutely gorgeous. Known for its long, curvaceous blade, which can extend up to 12 inches, the Bowie knife is a favorite of such cinematic knife-wielding warriors as Crocodile Dundee and Rambo. We've also included some limited production knives here as well. Ideal for slicing, chopping and dicing. 01329 secs. Fixed Blade Knives: In 1957 Gil Hibben began his career as a custom knifemaker. Oct 28, 2008 · Bear Paw Knives is located in north central Montana, outside the town of Havre, about twenty-five miles north of the Bear Paw Mountains. An the excellent choice of steel for my knives. We are custom knives makers based in UK. The modern stainless steel that we've chosen for our SARGE knife making kits will hold a good edge for a very long time. com or call 828. custom knife making. Call us today at 828-684-4355. If you are a Canadian Customer wondering about the higher minimums - freight costs in Canada are up to three times (3X) that of the USA! Welcome to the Ruko Website. Whether you need a durable knife for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or cooking, we’ve got a blade built just for you. 5 Inches long Damascus steel custom made hunting Knife, 2 tone Red $99. Hunter knives made in Canada for sale. These "battle ready" swords are produced by top forges to be historically accurate from tip to hilt and their authenticity makes them perfect for medieval re-enactments, stage productions and historical European martial arts (HEMA). 0252 A family business, founded in the heart of the Cariboo in Central BC. Dec 31, 2015 · REDHORSE KNIFEWORKS Custom Knife Maker ED KIM Shop Tour - Duration: 15:31. B. Each knife is unique and made to order. While the forged blade is the most important part you can really hit it out of the park with all the colors and styles Blacksmiths Depot sells. The innovative slipjoint pocket knife has a track milled into the blade that allows the thumb disc to be moved forward or back, so you can customize how the knife opens. The knife and the box – they both have a story and have become quite the conversation piece in our home. The model names for Bear Paw Knives are all taken from locations within the beautiful Bear Paw Mountains. Each of my blades are heat treated to the highest quality. or 9-10 oz. All knives are custom made, by hand, and offer the best quality I hand forge kitchen knives, daggers, bowies, liner lock folders, hunting knives, and push daggers. The Knifemakers Guild was established in 1970. The craftsmanship and the fact they are made here locally made a great impression. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. From designing to finishing each hand crafted piece is created from the Artisanal Hands of Terrick. Steels typically used in our hunting knives include: Design your custom knife online with Benchmade's Custom Knife Builder. ws. Skookumhorse Custom Genuine Leather Products, hand crafted custom leather cell phone cases, knife cases, horse bridles, lungeing cavessons, chainsaw scabbards, rifle slings hand made in Clinton, BC Canada by Catherine Clinckemaillie Several Japanese and American custom knife makers came aboard and contributed their designs. From makers like D’ Holder. We are a family owned business that has been hand-crafting knives in the same location for 80 years, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Nothing screams “BAD ASS” like a custom made piece of War-Art that is as functional as it is beautiful. 3691 With his unique approach to knife making he creates decorated knives that evoke the feral surroundings of his native land and the Viking Age of his forefathers. We have knives for hunting, fishing, camping and Every Day Carry (EDC knives). The edge and balance of the knife feel great. We are an importer and distributor of sporting and gift related products serving the retail and wholesale trade for over 60 years, with locations in the US and Canada. The knives are of the highest quality and materials. 75 inches with a blade length of 2. Nov 08, 2020 · Bark River Knives is a family-owned business whose goal is to produce the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. These uniquely crafted designs are one of a kind and represent the artist that rendered them. Make sure you join our email list to get 48 hours advance notice on the latest knives we are adding to the ready-made page! If you wish to order a semi-custom culinary knife, use the DESIGN menu. Sold throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia, Robson Knives are most often made from surgical, cryogenically treated, stainless 440c steel, and have handles that are fitted with exotic hardwoods, stabilized native woods and even mammoth ivory. Hand Forged, Hunting knives, Fillet knives, Bowie knives & Tactical knives Join me Saturday and Sunday, Sept. Hunting knives, carry knives, limited edition Knives. He moved to Canada in 1956 where he continued his machining for a number of years. I stand behind my craftsmanship and all my knives come with a lifetime warranty and free lifetime sharpening. Create a new list; Cancel Helle knives are hand made in Holmedal Norway, as they have been since 1932. At Angel Sword, our creations are more than beautiful works of art — each sword and knife is fully functional, razor sharp, battle ready, and combat worthy. Local Numbers. All knives are American made and all products are backed by the Cutco Forever Gurantee. It has thumb notches at the hilt and would work well for hunting, fishing, camping, anything in the outdoors or an everyday carry knife. If you have that “special” knife in mind, give me a call. 99 20% off use code PKW20 $250 – $999. This makes the blade extremely rust-resistant and resilient against cracking. Buy from the leading expert. Gaetan Beauchamp lives in Northern Quebec, Canada. There is no end to the design or materials that can be used. Each knife can be customized to your specifications and includes a custom-fitted sheath. Caribou Knives is a product proudly made in Canada. Browse our selection of knife sharpeners from trusted manufacturers, including small portable sharpeners and comprehensive sharpening kits. It is our pleasure to provide cool professional knife with high quality and reasonably priced. Montana Hammer Knives specializes in hand forged, hollow ground, hidden tang carbon steel fixed blade knives and hatchets. Most the knives I sell are through this website, so I only do 3 or 4 shows per year. We are so enormously grateful for all the support we have recieved. Grades such as 420 and 440 are frequently used for knife making. Knives that perform superbly, balance naturally in your hands – knives that you are proud to pass on to others. As peoples attention grew, the hobby turned into a full time business. Carbon steel knives continue to be among the top factory performers. Bowie Knives by Neilson's Mountain Hollow. 24-25 You have assured superior fit and finish with my 40 years making knives. Damascus Folding Razor Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Gentleman's Wet Shaving Grooming Straight Razor Knife With Bone Handle Leather Sheaths 2109 $ 50. Shop with confidence. If you find yourself in need of a sheath, contact me at the email below. I first started blacksmithing back in 1986 when I needed a pair of strap hinges for a small rustic log cabin that I just built high in the mountains. About Post Knives. Douglas Knives. When I design my knives I use straight lines with a futuristic look using high tech materials such as: Lightning strike carbon fiber, titanium, G10 and powdered steels . If you leave a message at any of them I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Now, after making over 10,000 bars of damascus, I have learned all of the ins and outs of the process. Looking to make your hand made knife really pop. Knives By Mark. net | 706. High-performance stainless steels—CPM S30V, S35VN, S90V and 20CV, along with CPM 154, M390 and CTS 204P, to name some— rule in many corners of Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blank Blade 11. Beyond production and semi-production blades is the rarified air of custom knives. Canada E4V 2W7 Welcome to the website of Caribou Custom Knives Manufacturing. He is a member of the Knifemakers' Guild, the American Bladesmith Society, and President of the Texas Knifemakers' Guild. The knives are custom made, and each one has an individual design to fit your specific needs and tastes. The ultralight slips comfortably into a pocket, an elegant accessory to any daily ensemble, but still comfortable to use: a perfect balance of a minimalist look while respecting the functional dimensions of a table knife. Along with our selection of hand picked pocket knives, we also offer custom made knives. Read More I specialize in custom made multi-cultural period stylized blades and accoutrements. Brief Overview of The Knifemakers' Guild. Meet Jason Fry Jason Fry is a behavior analyst, knifemaker, author, and father of four boys. Personalize your custom knives with a unique handle, blade & 1000+ lasermarking options. ) To the United States of America, we are only able to ship PUMA Knife Displays and PUMA Display Boards. I am constantly adding new designs and finding new handle material to compliment my hand crafted knives. Bloodroot Blades builds artisan and custom kitchen knives and other tools designed for everyday use. Everything under the arctic sun, and then some! Book Shop → A selection of books, music and videos of Finnish and Northern cultures and Jim Bowie and The Bowie Knife - There are few knives on the market as iconic as the Bowie knife. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with 3. I am a custom knife maker. Get low prices on hunter knives made in Canada, fixed blade hunting knives, folding hunters, and limited editions. A. 3Knives is a store specialized in switchblade knives from all over the world. Blade Blanks Canadian Made knives Casstrom Chefs knives Condor Knives Cosmo Knives Canada Cudeman Knives Spain Custom Sheaths Enzo Knives ESEE Knives EXOTIC and Other Brands Fällkniven Grohmann Knives Canada Helle Knives Hultafors Knives & Axes Karesuando knives Sweden Lionsteel Knives Mora Knives of Sweden MS Knives Otter Mercator Germany Call Us: (907) 452-7477 1971 Fox Ave Fairbanks AK 99701-2701 Custom Knife Making by Bob Robson. Top quality EDC knives. This Santoku Blade is the perfect multi-purpose kitchen knife to add to your kitchen collection. Item: Replacement Sheath Brand: Grohmann Fits: Designed for #3 but also fits #1 and #2 Grohmann Knives Material: Leather Style: Open with pocket for Shackler Tool One of my durable handmade sheaths is included with each of my hunting knives and fillet knives. Customize your knife with many blade and handle options, and much more. Handmade Custom Knives Knives designed with thought towards purpose. Knife & Sheath Features: The blade is hammer forged, flat grind 4” 1095 carbon steel blade made from 3/16” stock with a hybrid shape between the Custom Finn and Steelhead blades. We make kitchen knives for use by anyone who is passionate about food and their cutting tools. I make the finest in handcrafted knives, and handmade knives. Nordic Shop → A large selection of gifts in the tradition of Arctic culture. Robertson’s Custom Cutlery offers handmade custom knives for sale made by the best known custom knife makers in the world. Each Chartermade Knife is handmade. This is a KN73 chef's knife made from 3/32" Nitro-V steel dressed in blue curly maple scales. We custom manufacture a diverse line of high performance edged tools, as well as, breaching and rescue tools used by armed forces, law enforcement, first responders, and outdoor enthusiast. 264. Knife maker Ray Lindeboom started crafting hunting knives as a hobby. I offer fixed blade knives, mostly bowies, daggers, hunter/skinner styles, everyday carry and historic replicas as well as the occasional tomahawk and sword. KnifeStoreCanada. We work hard to provide affordable and innovative handles for the cutlery industry. Custom Knives. Our blade material is Triple Tempered 0,250”- 0,265” CPM S30V Stainless Steel with HRC of 59-60. customknives@comcast. Here are the features of my standard leather sheath: Crafted from durable 8-9 oz. 99 TAGS Knife & Folder Hardware & Parts Knife Making Steel Barstock Rods Knife Making Supplies Knife Making Tools Knife/Gun Cleaning Kits Kydex Material & Supplies Machines, Ovens & Etching Mosaic Pins Pen Kits & Cane Supplies Sharpening Equipment & Supplies Sheaths-Cases-Leather Tactical Gear Office Use: View All Products Another folding knife that also serves well as an every-day-carry utility knife, the Buck Bantam BBW folding knife features a closed length of 3. This site uses cookies. My passion is to create knives that are as beautiful as they are functional. 12,656 likes · 184 talking about this. Weddingstar has a great selection of stylish men’s accessories, each of which can be personalized to add a thoughtful and meaningful touch. " EGKH is a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Nepalese Kukri, khukuri, Khukuri, Khukri, Kukris, Kukhri, Blades, Khukris, Khukuris, knife, knives. We offer worldwide shipping. The knife itself is a true work of art- The handle is made from a local tree that had fallen nearby. Many of the knives you see are made from mosaic damascus steel that I forge. We employ as many recycled, personal, handmade, and local materials as possible without sacrificing the durability and functionality of the tool. Generated by PHP in aprox. There are knife makers who specialize in folding knives; there are makers who make only folders. Each knife is ground and crafted by hand. Bear & Son Cutlery An ulu knife for back country as part of a survival, hunting or bushcraft kit. C. Whether you are into hunting, camping, or just enjoy a good utility knife - we have all kinds of options for the perfect custom engraved knife gift. I made the grind line in an arc on the flat platen of the belt grinder by applying the right amount of pressure at the right time. This very special Anniversary Edition knife is strictly limited to 50 stainless steel knives to commemorate Gil's 50 years as a knifemaker. We have the ultimate selection of custom knives from African knifemakers. 99 . If you can't reach me at the above numbers I might be travelling. Both materials are made with superior powder metallurgy technology. Handle Hardware. With the exception of engraving my knives and sheaths are a complete in house creation. All Crusader Forge knives are 100% custom handcrafted by blade smith/designer Maciej Szczerbiak. A discussion forum for custom knifemakers and collectors. Gough Custom is the online store and brand for Australian-Canadian knifemaker Aaron Gough. Unique custom fitted leather tooled and welted sheath is included. I use fossil mammoth ivory, fossil walrus ivory, exotic woods, and precious metals. damasucs steel custom handmade hunting skinning, tracker, bowie, dagger, kukri, kitchen chef, santoku, vegetable, straight razors, axes, one of a kind folding & pocket knives, damascus steel rings & pendadants in toronto,canada. ICQ Number: 12456892. At nearly 7 inches blade length, this is a large knife, ground to a very thin edge for excellent performance. Haslinger Custom Knives presents a fine selection of Canadian custom made fixed and folding knives for the discriminating knife user or collector. 1in S. We offer 2 x 72” abrasive sanding belts by Norton. We can not provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly, however, we make sure how good they are by using the practical kitchen knives with the same methodology. We have the scale material for your knife handles. tips for damascus blades: the knife blade should always be clean and treated with oil after use. Specializing in the Northern European 'Pattern Welding' technique. Everything from outdoor sporting knives to kitchen knives and knife kits. We offer various categories of EGKH Custom Kukri online for sale. At Ranger Original you will find custom, handcrafted knives made in Canada from quality exotic materials that have served as gifts, presentation items, hunting tools, kitchen tools, general utility tools or commercial cutlery applications. Along with my stock sheaths, I do custom orders for collectors for one of a kind and limited production knives. Handmade Knives & Tools from the Chilcotin boreal forest in B. Try me toll free at: 1-888-MEL-CUTS. If you see a knife you would like to order, or have a design you would like custom built, email me using the contact information above. Use the following coupon codes: $150 – $249. L. Each ulu is custom made and unique. Made In is delivering superior Stainless Steel, Non Stick, Carbon Steel, and Knives directly to your door at honest prices. Use the Design and Purchase menus to design your perfect culinary or sport knives. All the material making this handmade survival knife is from recovered materials out of the forests in the Cariboo/ Chilcotin, British Columbia, Canada. That’s the first place I post available knives. Every knife you see is one-of-a-kind. Each Crusader Forge knife Hand forged, hand made knives made in Indianapolis. Tosho Knife Arts is your source of Japanese steel. Search. CustomMade kitchen knives and chef's knives are handmade by expert metalsmiths. Our custom knives are made from the finest quality materials and our customer service is unmatched. Knife Shop → Knives, cutting tools and accessories. Custom Handmade Cutlery by World Class Master Knife Maker Steven Tedford Will Work with you to design and create the knife or knives of your dreams Every knife I make must perform flawlessly as a cutting tool, be well crafted and look amazing. Depending on the knife maker’s preferences and available materials, different knife making methods can be used. Rosewood, olive wood, walnut wood, ebony wood, snake wood handle knives some of the wood handles we offered. Knife is freshly made brand new if there are any questions feel free to call or text. The people listed here are primarily makers we are acquainted with and whom we have obviously bought knives from. 99 Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blank Blade 9. Although the owner, L. May 25, 2017 · Stainless steel knives are normally made out of ferritic or martensitic stainless steels. Soffia gains a lot of inspiration for her kitchen knives from Icelandic nature, as endless walks with Nóra her dog give her ideas for new creations. My knives are an investment in the future and a legacy to be passed from one generation to the next. Exotic Knife Handles is family owned and operated. 100% made in USA from domestic steel and materials. Knife making is a sacred art, and there are many methods to consider. AG Russell Knives has been the best source for quality handmade knives and custom knives since AG did his first mailing in 1964. Choose from art knife creations for the collector as well as top tactical style hand made knives suitable for every day carry. In 2010 Stéphane Lebeau designed and invented an ultralight pocket knife, with a weight comparable to that of a simple letter. Handle is made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum with a copper backing piece. This is a listing of my standard full tang utility hunting, skinning, and bushcrafter models. Specializing in Custom Hand Made Knives, Randall Knives, Winkler Knives, Chris Reeve Knives, and high quality Kitchen and Pocket Knives. Blade Blanks Canadian Made knives Casstrom Chefs knives Condor Knives Cosmo Knives Canada Cudeman Knives Spain Custom Sheaths Enzo Knives ESEE Knives EXOTIC and Other Brands Fällkniven Grohmann Knives Canada Helle Knives Hultafors Knives & Axes Karesuando knives Sweden Lionsteel Knives Mora Knives of Sweden MS Knives Otter Mercator Germany North Arm Knives is a small knife manufacturer in the greater Vancouver (Canada) area. Renowned knife maker Brian Tighe is an industry innovator who brings 30 years of experience, tactical expertise and metallurgy artistry to every blade he produces. As you will find here, I commonly make full tang hunters in blade lengths ranging from 3 to 6 inches. Bob Robson — Custom Knife Maker A former farmer, teacher and cowboy, Bob Robson makes knives and teaches classes on knife making in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada. 00" Hunting Knife Making Supplies | AB44 $ 36. The process is simple you can either email or text Mark, describe, and pay for your order. We have the pins and the epoxy to sock it on there too. Only here you can find a wide selection of Russian knives made in Zlatoust, St. 13. Since then he has bought, traded, sold and collected many custom knives from many custom makers. We specialize in Japanese kitchen knives, whetstones, sharpening services, and more. The High-End Knife Maker Crafting One-of-a-Kind Blades - Duration: 2:43. When using the proper stainless steels compromises do not have to be made with corrosion resistance. Kinburn, ON | info@douglasknives. Discover the perfect custom knife for the job on CustomMade. For more information or to place an order, email info@winklerknives. If you have any questions about the differences between Quick Ship engraving and standard engraved pocket knives, please visit our frequently asked questions or call us at 1-800-248-1987. However all of my hand forged, custom made knives can be designed without these marks at the request of the buyer. I ordered a custom Damascus steel Kabar set to USMC standards with a custom leather sheathe. Microtech Knives is a leading knife maker, located in Asheville, NC. In the 1940’s, the visionary C. I began making custom knives because I couldn't find a hunting knife that I liked, so I decided to make my own. I am a full time maker apprenticed under ABS Master smith Wally Hayes. Lienemann (a well known knife maker from Billings, MT) taught my dad the art of custom knife making. Because of the hand forged process every custom blade is an artisanal creation custom hammered out a hot bar of steel then heat treated to produce a handmade knife of superior quality and character. The pin holes are for 3/16" pins. Horn's site but it seems the traffic generated here Whether you want to set your knife apart from the pack or give a great personalized gift to your friends or loved one, a custom pocket knife is the way to go. His blades, which have sold throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia, are most often made from surgical, cryogenically treated, stainless 440c steel, and are fitted with USA Knife Maker, The top supplier of knife making supplies online. Search by category to find an engraved knife by brand, color, or recipient. These folding knives have side spring lock that allows the deployment of the blade with one hand. Functional Swords. Handmade Canadian bushcraft knives. Hand forged knives, axes, and hatchets from Thorson Forge are made for manly men, womanly women, and others who know the value a sharp, dependable blade has when the shit goes down! Willowcreek Custom Knives are beautiful AND practical. About the Bladesmith and Our Handmade Custom-Knives. Herein you’ll find one of the finest collections of handmade hunting, bowie and tactical knives on the internet today, sorted by maker. Simple reliable performance. CoteKnives. A knife should be a tool you are proud to carry, use and show off. Shop santoku, deba, utility, fillet, cleaver and many other styles. We deliver our products Free Worldwide Shipping! Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago. Handmade custom knives crafted in Niagara Ontario Canada, these knives are made from the highest quality steel, wood and composites made to your specification and fully guaranteed. Choose from bowie knives, Becker knives, EK Commando, folders, fixed knives and more. My custom pocket clips are hand ground from thick titanium which I designed to ride low in your pocket because I wanted my knives to have a secure fit when being carried. 61/100 g) $26. Hosted by Managed by NomadicWolf You are visitor #1078346(estimated) to this page. Masters had the goal of producing the finest quality industrial knives to increase your productivity. A standard hunting knife has a 3-5” blade length. 99 Jan 17, 2018 · Knifemakers and knife companies based in the United States and elsewhere are scrambling to find a way to push back against new rules adopted this month by the Canada Border Services Agency. After we finish the ulu knife blade, it’s differentially hardened with clay. Today, we find swords, daggers, and knives forged to complement a particular martial art, reflect a favored historical period, and serve as powerful symbols of art for proud display. I'm a self taught knife maker from Akron Ohio. Drake Knives was born. Damascus Bowie Knives,Damascus Dagger Knives,Damascus Karambit Knives Damascus Blank Blade,Damascus Billet Making a knife Damascus Rings,Damascus jewellery Available Here Online Damascus Shops Damascus Knives Shop 100% Shipped Online Tracking System With DHL,EMS,FedEx,Post Office Additions & Optimizations Payment Method Paypal 100% Order ! Cutco offers a complete selection of cutlery, kitchen knives and accessories. We are working hard to bring you the best looking and highest quality custom knives from Africa. The entire process took 2 months and the end product is well worth the wait. 00 $ 45. Top Quality Kitchen knife Required Cookies & Technologies. The handmade oyster knife that I make is made of the beautiful Damasteel or the RWL34 steel. Made from 420HC with an overall length of 11-1/4". We offer more than 1000 different kind of automatic knives: Stilettos, OTF leverlocks and many others with unique mechanism. In the Bangtail Mountains outside Bozeman, Montana, Ed Desch has been crafting custom knives since 1990. Since 1995, the KnifeCenter has offered the top pocket knives and best handmade custom knives available on the market. You can even further personalize your knife with engraving. The purposes of the Guild were, and continue to be: to promote custom knives and knifemakers, to assist the knifemaker technically, to encourage ethical and professional business conduct, and to sponsor an annual business meeting and knife show. Furthermore our blades are full tang, half tang, or three quarter tang. Seeking worldwide custom knife making online to encourage your passion and honor from DHgate Canada site. Custom Knives and Knife Supplies as well as all quality hand crafted products, knife store indianapolis, indiana Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger 7. Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives makes beautiful, handmade custom knives and highly collectible limited-edition knives for sale online. 8232 DUSTAR is the first Israeli combat knife to be entirely conceived, engineered and produced in Israel. The price tag also helps to make this knife popular, at less than $140 for a CUSTOM built knife! This chefs knife was a very interesting and fun build, that stayed right here in Newfoundland. We are located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, B. we use canada post or ups for delivery in canada and for delivery in united states we use usps or ups which takes 4 to 6 business days after the payment is clear. All knives are meticulously sharpened according to their intended use. It helps to keep family history alive while each parent tells his or her child the Premium Knife Supply will still have the same discount structure as in years past. Canada's source for knives and accessories. This page is a gallery displaying only a fraction of the many past one-of-a-kind swords and other blades I’ve made over the years. Find great deals on eBay for damascus knives and damascus knife. My sheaths can also often be seen listed on ebay under seller name shaman15. The 440C Steel Custom Handmade Hunting Knives are made for outdoorsman. Backed by thousands of 5-star reviews and used by hundreds of professional kitchens around the country. WaysunJohnnyTsai 3,658 views. I also offer free tune ups on all folders. 00 $ 49. These knives are widely preferred by hunters, campers, preppers, scouts, and backpackers. We are a father and son team, John and Mike. Yahoo Located in South River Ontario, Canada. Nov 08, 2019 · Like rustyrazor said you're in a major hotspot for knifemakers though as far as Canada goes- quite a few in Alberta to my knowledge. Cold Steel has pioneered new materials and designs that have helped to shape the world of the modern knife, edged weapons and tools. We hold ourselves to high standards of quality and design, as well as standards of performance. Over the last 14 years I have perfected my craft, and my hobby has become more of a business and a way of life. I now attend several trade shows throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan, I enjoy meeting other hobbyists and knife Welcome to Opasquia Custom Knives My name is Syd McKay and I reside in The Pas, Manitoba where my shop is located on the shore of Clearwater Lake. please follow the following instructions: Grohmann Knives In 1958, Dean Russell, a Canadian cutlery-store owner, designed a knife, and he chose Grohmann Cutlery in Pictou, Nova Scotia, to make it. When a knife is made for you, it has a totally different feel to it, and really well-made knives can become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Rob Douglas is a Canadian Custom Knife maker. This process takes time but the end results are worth the effort and patience. From a need for a quality tool. We sell a range of bushcraft knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, camping knives, hatchets, axes, choppers. From modest beginnings to our current position as a world leader, these two separate, yet related companies have been built on his legacy. For simple straight colors try the G10, which is very easy to work with. We sell premium quality custom knives. A sharp blade is the most virtuous and versatile tool that anyone can carry. And there is a bit of info on steel and handle materials under “About”. We carry custom high-end “knife art” switchblades as well, from such makers as: Jeff Harkins, Paul (Burn) Panak, Reese Weiland, Jim and Joyce Minnick, Bill Saindon, and Anthony Marfione. My name is Mark Campana. Tough and strong modern carbon steel. Whether you're looking for a handmade hunting knife or a reliable survival knife, our skilled makers can craft the perfect piece to fit your needs, style, and budget. Many of our knives are individually crafted works of art, but their beauty is just the beginning. Our custom knives are crafted with the highest quality materials available. ca is dedicated to adventures looking to buy their next knife or knife accessory by reducing all the clutter of the non-knife items found on our main website. Our knife handles are designed by knife makers for knife makers. Browse our selection of handmade custom tactical, survival, combat, and military knives. Whether you use it as a hunting knife, fishing knife, or just display it in your collection, our handmade knives are built to be passed on from generation to generation. We warehouse a wide selection and variety of knife handle parts, and hardware. Blades Canada - Vancouver, BC : - Quartermaster Medford Knives All Axes & Tomahawks All Folding Knives All Fixed Blades All Throwers All Trainers & DVD's Misc. vegetable tanned carving leather; Pouch-type construction, covering over half the knife’s handle (for 3/4 tang knives) KA-BAR (aka Kabar or K bar) offers more than 100 high-quality knives - tactical and utility - including knives for hunting, sporting, and military. Custom USA made Knives. Shop now for Spartan Blades knives made in the USA. Sold in different material and patterns, Handmade kitchen knives set, handmade D2 steel chef knife, handmade 440C steel kitchen and Custom Chef Knives USA chef knives USA. Welcome to KTC (Katana Craft). Follow me on Instagram. I can make a custom leather sheath for most any model of the Randall knife. In the dawn of the 21st century. He specializes in making top-quality Custom Tactical and Dress Tactical Knives that feature original locks and designs for unparalleled functionality and style. -Scott Laughlin, Vancouver Island Custom Custom BLADESMITHING by the Wareham Forge, the work of Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz of Ontario Canada. Paul was terrific to deal with!" Steve Yaeger, Chief Marketing Officer STAR-TRIBUNE Custom Leather Knife Sheath For 5" Fixed Blades - Ka-bar Becker Campanion BK-2 (SHEATH18) We are not taking new orders at this time due to our current backlog of orders. I've seen beautiful knives pulled out of ugly, plain sheaths, and with them comes an apology and a promise of "getting a nice sheath for my knife someday. Come by in-store or online. 853 likes · 63 talking about this · 5 were here. With knife making and tool making experience going back to the late 1970's. 15:31. Rob Douglas is a 25 year Canadian Military SOF veteran who also happens to make custom knives. ~~~~~ This site last updated August 2012 ~~~~~ Thank you for visiting my website. These include: Custom Woodworking Tools, Adz & Scorps, Cabinet Makers Chisel Sets, Chair Building Tools, Corner & Swan Chisels, Draw Knives, Framing & Bench Chisels, Gardening Tools, Gouges, Leather Guards & Sharpening Stones, Mallets, Slicks & Large Gouges, Timber Tools, Mike Dunbar Style & Barr Quarton Tools. Crafted by hand. 75 inches and a weight of 1. Welcome to Komox Custom Kydex. At Exquisite Knives, we always have new, beautiful, collectible, and custom knives for sale. 26 $26. 5 ounces, it also features a Drop Point blade design with a swedge and a plain edge with a hollow grind made from 420HC (which is an German Knife Shop offers german pocket knives, daggers, hunting knives and military knives ☆ The best brands in solingen gathered at German Knife Shop "The customized fillet knives from CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC got the best reaction of any gift we've ever given customers. These knives come from artists such as Pat and Wes Crawford, Brian Tighe, Mel Pardue, and Hinderer Knives from Rick Hinderer. I no longer accept custom-commissioned orders; however, I am forging even more ambitious original swords of my own thought and design on my own time. Check back with us soon. We also ship internationally (except to those countries within the European Union. Artisan coutelier, Dave Fortin réalise des pièces uniques, couteaux et outils spécialisés, dans son atelier du quartier Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Québec. 3 – 4 inch blade, ATS-34 stainless steel, RC 59-60. KCK offers custom designed sheaths & holsters for a variety of items including: Knives, Multitools, Axes, Hatchets and pretty well about anything you can think of. This website sells custom handmade fixedblade hunting knives and custom folding pocket knives made by Al Warren in Roseville, CA. I always said, when I started out in knife making, that I wouldn't just make endless bowie knives (there seemed to be so many out there already). Please join us on both, North Arm Knives home page: Beautiful knives, 100% made in BC Canada, built to last for decades and offered at very competitive prices. custom knife makers canada

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